Living Room Lighting

To create a balanced and pleasing lighting design in your living room, consider starting with recessed lighting. At Billows Lighting and Design, we have a large selection of sizes and styles when it comes to recessed lighting, so you will be sure to find the lighting fixtures that fit with your living room’s decor seamlessly.

Recessed Lighting

Living Room Chandeliers

Looking to make a statement and let your eye for design shine through? Chandeliers are a great way to provide additional lighting in the center of your living room while also elevating the style of your space. From traditional and contemporary chandeliers to modern and many other designs, we have a wide range of chandelier sizes and styles here at Billows Lighting and Design.

Wall Sconces

For additional lighting in your living room to brighten up the space without taking up a lot of space, we recommend incorporating wall sconces into your lighting design. You can choose to keep the design of the fixtures simple or have them stand out, the choice is yours!

Living Room Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great light fixture to include in your living room lighting design seeing as it both provides great illumination while also keeping the temperature in the area cool. At Billows Lighting and Design, we have endless options when it comes to different sizes, colors, and styles of ceiling fans

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Your living room is where you spend most of your time gathering with your friends and family. It’s essential to have a balanced, well thought out lighting design to make sure the space feels comfortable and relaxing. Shop our wide variety of living room lighting fixtures today either online or at our lighting showroom in Berlin. If you need assistance picking out lighting fixtures, schedule an appointment with a lighting expert today!

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