What Our Local Lighting Showroom Has to Offer

What Our Local Lighting Showroom Has to Offer

Jun 1st 2022 Staff

Shopping for lighting can be exciting. If you are in the midst of a home or office remodel, or you just want an updated look to your space, Billows Lighting and Design Company can help. At our local lighting showroom located in Berlin, New Jersey, you'll love the attention and selection you receive when you shop locally. Below, we'll go over just a few of the many lighting options our local lighting showroom has to offer. Visit us today!

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is super important when it comes to your home and office. The more and the better lighting you have, the less eye strain you'll experience and the more productive you will be. Shop our indoor lighting selection today.

Exterior Lighting

Whether you are looking for bollards, flood lights, hanging lanterns, or pier mounts, we offer hundreds of beautiful exterior lighting for your Berlin home or office building. Stay safe and secure with these lighting options. Call for details today.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a broad term for lighting used to highlight your softscape and hardscape landscape features, such as pathways, outdoor fountains, and beautiful tree designs. Consult our lighting designers in our lighting store today.


Furniture no doubt makes our lives more comfortable. We offer a wide selection of furniture in order to help you with your home and office decor needs. From chest of drawers to wine cabinets and tables, stop by our local lighting showroom today!


By shopping locally, you'll be supporting your community and helping to provide jobs. You'll be greeted by friendly faces, receive personalized attention, and find a dizzying variety of indoor and outdoor lighting options to make your space cozy and comfortable. What more could you ask for? Shop Billows Lighting and Design Company in person today!

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